What to consider when choosing your perfect wedding cake.

Did you know your choice of cake is determined by your wedding style, guest list and room size? If you didn't you're going to have to have a read through our essential check list before booking in those all important cake tastings!

Looks are important

Cake must match your theme, naked or semi naked cakes look great at rustic weddings but if you opt for a more formal suit and tie theme, it could look very out of place. So choose your dress style and reception décor before making any wedding cake decisions.

Trust your taste buds

Make a shortlist of your favorite wedding cake vendors, use social media or a Google search to find bakers in your area that suit the design which you’re looking to achieve. Then arrange a few tastings to see what you like most. You’ll have an idea of the flavors you want – chocolate and vanilla, red velvet, Victoria sponge… But be sure to try out different flavors which the baker recommends, flavors like ‘Champagne’ may be unconventional but could make an extra special option for one of the layers.

Size does matter

The size of your wedding cake will depend on the number of guests who are attending. 3 tiers will probably be sufficient for 50-100 people, so the more guests you have, the more tiers you may need. You also need to consider how grand the room is which the cake will be presented in. As it is such an iconic asset to the reception, a grand 5 tier cake may look slightly out of place in a small space.

Time is money

The fancier the design, the more work is required which in turn will increase the cost. If you’re looking for a slightly more inexpensive cake, naked or semi naked cakes are a great idea and work really well at rustic chic weddings. If you’re adding icing and fancy flowers fashioned with icing, expect the cost to increase. Don’t forget, adding florals to your cake is a great way to keep the cost of the cake down whilst adding a fresh and textured affect which is always pleasing on the eye.

April 08, 2021 — Charlotte Pendrill


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Shammy S said:

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