7 Mistakes to Avoid on your Wedding Day!

1. Officiant photo bomb

Once the person who has married you pronounces you married, you’re going to kiss. Before you kiss, talk ahead of time and make sure that that person slides out of the way so they are not in the middle of your picture of your first kiss.

2. Floral faux Pas

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Brides and Bridesmaids, avoid holding your bouquets too high. What looks the most natural is holding the bouquet lower so that the flowers are right at your belly button.

3. Aaaand relax

The number 1 mistake wedding planner see s Brides not relaxing and enjoying their day. We get it, you want the day to be perfect, you’ve spent over a year planning the event and you want it to be everything you dreamed of. But come the day of your wedding, there’s nothing more you can do so stop stressing and enjoy your special day!

4. Eating is NOT cheating

Ask one of your nearest and dearest to oversee food in advance of the ceremony. It’s likely that the drinks before the reception will fly by as you’ll be busy chatting to guests and working with the photographer so be sure to ask you catering team to arrange a tray of canepes just for you to keep you going before the wedding breakfast.

5. Missing out of photos that you really wanted

It may be the first time you’re seeing a sibling from overseas or all of your uni friends are in the same room together for years. All of this needs to be captured so be sure to give your photographer a full list of photographs you want from the big day in advance.

6. Only having a ‘Plan A’? 

Having a contingency plan in place is an absolute wedding essential and making sure other people know your plans and can help you out is crucial too. Be sure to raise this with your vendors in advance so ask you officiant, DJ, Band or other ‘what happens if you can’t make it on the day?’. Write out a wedding day itinerary and share it with your Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids or anyone else who might need a copy and include everything and anything of importance, that way you’ll worry much less on the day.

7. Not changing into flats

If its one thing Brides agree on, is that wearing heels all night in not comfortable. If you want to wear them, wear them for the ceremony and pictures and then change into some fun loving flats so you can dance the night away at the reception, pain and blister free!


**Comment below and share your other suggestions on mistakes to avoid on your wedding day!**

April 08, 2021 — Charlotte Pendrill

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