6 Tips For Planning Your Own Wedding

First things first, organization is key when planning your own wedding. You’ll be juggling deadlines, decisions and lists along side your daily life so get yourself a reliable wedding planner book and organizer so everything is in one place. Get your 5 star rated faux leather wedding planner here and watch it quickly become your new handbag essential.
Now where to begin?

1. Give yourself enough time

A longer time line will relieve a lot of the stress Bride to be’s typically face. The initial realization of just how many elements there are to plan for can sometimes seem quite overwhelming. So give yourself enough time to digest your options, decide what elements are important to you and your partner and what your perfect day looks like for you. After all, its your wedding day and you want to have fun planning it.

2. Set a budget - and stick to it

Your wedding budget will be the deciding factor of many of your decisions from the size of your guestlist to the venue you choose so it’s a good place to start. If family member will be contributing, have a conversation about what they will be contributing towards, for example, your dress, the bar or a lump sum of money. If your footing the bill yourself, then be look carefully into your finances and be realistic about what you can afford, some couples don’t always realise the full scope of the costs involved.

3. Prioritize your wishlist

Decide up on the top 3 priorities for your wedding day, it is always important to involve your partner at this stage so the day best represents you both. Whether there is a memorable band you must have, a special date the big day must be on or a venue you’ve always dreamed of. Prioritize these details and be willing to compromise on the rest.

4. Weigh all of your options with second opinions

There is value in talking to other married couples who have been through the process. They may be able to share advice on elements of your wedding day which you hadn’t considered or be able to share details of a photographer they would recommend. When making big decisions, it always pays to get a second opinion before rushing into it and having regrets later on.

5. Read every contract before you sign it

Always read the small print. If you’re planning your wedding yourself, you don’t have the luxury of someone else reading through the clauses for you. Be sure to closely review every detail of any contracts you arrange with your wedding vendors—including date, location, times, deposits, additional fees, colors, quantities—everything has to be in the contract because if it isn't, or is written incorrectly, you will not be protected if it's not executed properly.

6. Recruit help from your family and bridal party

Choose your wedding party wisely as the friends and family you choose are there for the emotional and tactical support throughout the wedding planning process and the big day. Don’t forget that your family, friends and spouse are there to help in ways that suit their strengths – but you have to ask and sometimes delegate. Delegation is key on the big day where you’ll need to pass your itinerary over to your Maid of Honor or a trust worthy family member to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day without you being distracted.

To conclude...

To conclude, remember, you’re not alone. Planning a wedding can be fun if you keep organized and allow yourself enough time. Your wedding planning book and organizer will be your best friend throughout this exciting journey. Be sure to check out our 5 star rated planner and then breathe, your wedding planning just got a whole lot easier!
May 27, 2021 — Charlotte Pendrill

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