Wedding Day Photograhy
In today's blog our advice is all about the finer details which if planned in advance could make your wedding day photo’s extra special.
  1. Props!
Above all, your wedding day will be uniquely yours. From your chosen color schemes to your vows and your first dance so let your unique personality shine through in your wedding photo’s by having some props at the ready! This could be anything from sunglasses to coupe glasses or a bride jean jacket. Props are a really fun way to add your own stamp on your wedding photos.
  1. Prepare a list of wedding photos
Preparation is key when it comes to wedding photos. Be sure to sit down with your photographer and create a list of must have wedding pictures. Perhaps it’s the first time all of your Uni friends will be together since graduation or it’s the first time you’re seeing your Aunt from Australia in years. All of these special moments need to be captured. Don’t just rely on the photographer to know what’s special to you.
  1. Bridal accessories
Your wedding gown will be STUNNING but also consider adding a few signature pieces which will accentuate your wedding day style. Consider borrowing a special necklace from your Mom as your something borrowed or a powder blue garter as your “something blue”.
  1. Furry Friends
If you have pets, arrange for them to be a part of the celebrations for a few hours and include them in your pictures. They’ll be sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces and the pictures will be adorable!
  1. Coordination is key
You’ve spent months planning your wedding day and you want it to co perfectly but on the day, it’s no longer your responsibility to coordinate everything. Be sure to write out your itinerary and hand it over to your day of coordinator or a close friend or family member who you trust to ensure everything goes to plan. TIP: All of our gorgeous faux leather wedding planners have a “day of itinerary” included. Get yours today here.
Wedding Planner Book
  1. Golden Hour
Ask your photographer to pay close attention to that golden hour slot just before the sun sets. It’s a great time to get some romantic photos with perfect lighting.
  1. Officiant photo bomb
OK if you take anything away from this blog, make sure this is the one! Kindly ask your officiant to move out of the frame for your first kiss. A lot of officiants hand around awkwardly during this iconic part of the ceremony, so have a word with them before hand to ensure they kindly remove themselves from the frame to ensure you get the best picture of your first kiss as a married couple.
first kiss as husband and wife
February 04, 2022 — Charlotte Pendrill

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