bride and groom on wedding day
Quality over Quantity
If the past 2 years has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate our smaller circles in life and so its foreseeable that hosting smaller weddings will be a much more common choice. More and more couples are opting to save money by only inviting close friends and family.
 bride and groom on wedding day
A Personal Touch
One of our favorite trends! After the ceremony, couples are spending time alone to read personal and meaningful vows to each other privately. Traditionally, it’s difficult to have a moment alone and new husband and wife so taking 10 minutes alone to savour that newly married feeling and to speak alone from the heart is a trend we can get on board with!
Bridal Separates
For Bride-to-be’s looking to move away from a traditional dress, Bridal separates are a gorgeous alternative to consider. You can truly make this look your own with options like a sequined top, lace features or a full skirt.
Wedding Props
Another trend we’re seeing which enables you to express your unique personality and style to a traditional event is by incorporating props such as a wedding jacket or a fun hat to make your wedding pictures let your own style shine through.
 Wedding Day Food Truck
Food Glorious Food
With the increase in outdoor weddings, come outdoor eating. Couples are finding new and fun ways to serve food which steer away from traditional catering options. Pizza ovens, funky food trucks or local catering are all examples of how couples are bringing a fun and unique element to their special days!
Social Steaming
As the trend towards smaller wedding guest sizes increases, so does the option to stream your nuptuals online. The digital era is here to stay and so opting to steam your wedding online allows friends and family at home or overseas to still be able to be included in your wedding day!
Furry Friends
2022 is bringing us the rise is pet-friendly weddings! Many people are getting their pets involved either as part of the ceremony or just as a guest of honor. There are even services available that will look after your pets on your wedding day! Not forgetting the cute outfits available...have you seen a dog in a tux? ADORABLE!  
February 17, 2022 — Charlotte Pendrill

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