They’ve been your rock throughout your wedding planning journey and now you want to show them just how grateful you are through sentimental gestures on your wedding day. We’ve put together 5 ways thoughtful ways to thank your Mom and Dad on your special day!

Bride and Groom with Parents
  1. You’ll be showered with gifts and special gestures all day – pay it forward to those closest to you. On the morning of the wedding surprise your Mom with a beautiful piece of jewelry or a special gift she’ll actually use such as our sentimental "Beautiful Mom" rose gold makeup mirror.
  2. Incorporate part of your mothers gown into your bouquet handle. This is a super special way to include your Mom in your day and will mean the world to her.
  3. If you and your Groom don’t have a tune which is particularly special to you, pay tribute to your parents by playing the same entrance song as they had at their wedding as you walk down the aisle. It will be a really special treat for them.
bride and father walking down the aisle
4. Consider a signature cocktail or treat that has special significance to Mom or Dad. It could be as simple as naming the cocktail after them or after something significant in your family memories. This small gesture will go a long way.
5. After so much time together planning your wedding, its natural that they will miss you more than usual after your wedding day. Thank them for their help and support by planning some activities or a getaway that you can do as a family.
November 22, 2021 — Charlotte Pendrill

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