9 Ways to be the Best Mother of the Bride

A wedding is one of the biggest parties that you’re ever likely to throw. Even if the plan is to keep it simple, there are still a lot of elements which some Bride to be’s can find slightly overwhelming and so as the Mother of the Bride, you are there to provide support, advice and guidance to help your daughter along her wedding planning journey. However, always remember it is your daughters day, so we have put together some top tips to ensure you are the best Mother of the Bride that your daughter could wish for, without stepping on any toes.

1. Remember that this is your daughter’s wedding day

Always keep in mind that this is not your wedding day. Everything must go according to your daughter’s plan. If she asks you for help, then step in. But if she says she does not need your help, then step aside without hard feelings. If she does ask for your help, give her the support and advice that she needs. However, at the end of the day, it’s still up to your daughter to make the final decision. Start the planning process on the right foot by gifting her with this faux leather wedding planner

2. Get to know your new future in-laws

If you haven’t already, take some time to get to know your future in-laws and start building a good relationship with them. After all, you will become one family after the wedding ceremony. Try to involve them in the planning process by asking them for their views and suggestions. However, if there is already an existing conflict between your families, try to put your differences aside for your children and be civil on the day of the wedding.


3. Talk about the budget

Discuss financials early in the planning process. Ask whether they’ll be needing some sort of financial assistance and be clear if you have any limits with the budget. It’s also nice to let them know whether this is a gift or a loan. Also, it is best to keep in mind that paying for the wedding does not give you control over it.

4. Set aside expectations

So you’ve seen your daughter’s dream wedding mood board and planner. It looked so lovely and perfect but something is not quite right? Why is the gown not white? What kind of theme is industrial? Where’s the bouquet toss? Why are my friends not invited? With the ever-changing trends, some traditional wedding customs will most likely be changed into something more modern and practical that is different from what you’ve grown accustomed to.


5. Never outshine the bride

Now is not the time to steal the spotlight from your daughter. Sure, you may see a lot of people you know on your daughter’s wedding day but this is not the time for you to be confused as the bride. Your daughter is the star of the night, so try to keep your outfit, accessories, and hair & makeup simple.

6. Pick your battles

You don’t like that you have the same color dress as the mother of the groom? You didn’t like how the makeup artist did your makeup? You don’t like how the bridal entourage is acting during the photoshoot? Just take a deep breath, keep calm, and try not to make a scene and stress everybody else including the bride.

7. Don’t have any diva moments

One thing you as the mother of the bride must never do is to embarrass or stress your daughter on her special day. Try to be more mindful of your words and actions. Enjoy the party but always keep your composure as any “funny” moments can be caught on camera and will most likely end up trending on the internet. 

8. Keep calm, relax, and enjoy the party

So the naked cake and the choice of music are not to your taste? Do you think your friend Susan’s daughter’s wedding was so much better than your daughter’s because the reception area was filled with Ecuadorian roses? Want to be the best mother of the bride? Just keep your complaints to yourself and enjoy the party that your daughter has worked hard for.


9. Be the bride’s support system

Let’s be frank; planning a wedding will take a toll on everyone involved in the process. And the wedding itself, no matter how meticulously planned, will never be perfect due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances. The person who will be affected by all of the stress would be the bride. So your duty as the mother of the bride is to be her number one support system. Always be the person that your daughter will fall back on when things go wrong.

August 16, 2021 — Michelle Mina

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