As fun as planning a wedding is, with the cake tastings, viewing grand venues and bottomless brunching with your bride tribe, there are moments in the process which can make you feel overwhelmed, tired and well… stressed! We’ve put together some remedies to help you when it all feels like it’s getting a little too much.
  1. Take a digital detox
Social media is a great way to get inspiration for your wedding but sometimes comparing your modest budget with the grand gestures of strangers online or comparing your wedding diet progress to a fitness influencer can quickly turn from motivational to frustrating. Take a time out for some “me” time, put on an episode of your favorite series or go out for dinner with your fiancé. Trust us, you’ll quickly feel so much better.
  1. Lean on your support network
Planning your dream day doesn’t need to be a solo project. If you’re struggling to solve a problem, share it with your Mom, Aunt or friends. If they’ve planned a wedding before, they can most likely help solve niggling problems. Often some of the time-consuming tasks can be handled by your Maid of Honor, Groomsmen or friends. Ask nicely and they’ll only be too happy to help!
  1. Schedule time for things which lifts your spirits and bring you joy
Whether your find joy in baking cookies, taking an hour Pilates class or having a long soak in a hot bubble bath, make time to schedule these little things which bring you joy and lift your spirits.
  1. Get Moving
It’s no secret that physical exercise considerably lowers stress levels. Make time for a 30 minute walk, an hour in the gym or a some less intense Yoga. Just getting yourself moving will quickly lift your spirits and increase your motivation to keep going. It’s often these time outs where Brides get their best inspiration for new ideas for the big day!
  1. Make a “done” list
Track your progress to date, you’ll be surprised to see how far you’ve come and just how much you already have sorted. Your to-do list will still be there but seeing what you’ve already achieved will give you satisfaction and a sense of achievement which will empower you to keep going.
  1. Say “yes” less
You’re planning a wedding which is already very time consuming. Taking on too much at this stage will only cause your stress levels to go up. Saying no is not selfish but a sensible response to unimportant events during this time.
November 01, 2021 — Charlotte Pendrill

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