If you want your wedding to be anything but ordinary, here are some subtle alterations which will make your wedding day truly one of a kind.
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  1. Officiant - If a Priest or vicar won’t do, there are plenty of routes to find above-average officiant to lead your ceremony. Try asking a friend or family member to be obtained and have them arrive in a unique way, perhaps in costume or with your puppy in tow.
  2. First Dance – skip the sentimental swaying and get your bridal party involved to get the party started quicker or ask your parents to jump in for a group dance to enjoy the moment together.
wedding planning blog
3. Guest Book – guest books are a great keepsake from your special day but it’s just a book, so it could run the risk of being a dust gatherer once you’ve read through it. Why not opt for an alternative! Like traveling? Ask your guests to sign a globe. Love wall art? Ask your guests to sign around a picture of you both and get it framed for your home.
4. Photography - Capture the ay intimately by putting your guests to work. Find vintage Polaroid cameras and place them on the tables, and task guests with taking photos and depositing their favorites into your card box. Not only will you get instant photo gratification, but you’ll get to see all of your memorable moments through your guests’ eyes.
5. Bouquet Toss – Do all of your girls deserve a little love? Of course they do! That is why you should toss a multiplying bouquet instead of one solid throw away. Once you toss, the girls will quickly see that there are plenty of flowers up for grabs. 
wedding planning blog
6. Desert Inspired Bar – For those who don’t have a sweet tooth, why not set up a savory snack bar like a themed pop corn bar or a ‘spud bar’ which has all variations of the potato greatness.
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7. Photo Booth – An actual photo-booth may be too extravagant for your taste. Why opt set up your own background and let the guests get creative with polaroid cameras or disposables.
8. Flower Girls - Don’t worry if you don’t have any cute toddlers to be your flower girls, get your best Grandma gals to help you out for a fun way to include the young at heart.
9. Bridal Party Gifts – Brides often thank their Bride tribe with occasion themed jewelry. But rather than giving them a generic chain, why not get a gift that they’ll use again and again. Our gorgeous rose gold make-up mirrors are the perfect gift for sentiment and practicality to make your bridal party gleam on your wedding day.
10. Transportation – Want to make an unforgettable entrance, then try teaming up your passions and your wedding day. Love horse riding, gallop up on your favorite horse. Obsessed with motor cycles? Rev up on your Harley!
May 24, 2022 — Charlotte Pendrill

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